The Contemporary Wardrobe Collection – Rare & Exotic Street Fashion 1947-Present Day | Supplying vintage street fashion, couture items and accessories to the Film, TV and Fashion industries.


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Countries work in:
Brazil, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Morocco, Namibia, New Zealand, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, USA, UK, Vietnam, Venezuela, West Indies.

FEATURE FILMS – selected

2005 STONED Stephen Woolley Costume Designer
2003 BLIND HORIZON Michael Haussman Costume Designer
1997 VIGO Julien Temple Costume Designer
1994 HACKERS Iain Softley Costume Designer
1987 THE YOB Ian Emes Costume Designer
1985 ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS Julien Temple Costume Designer (Joint)
1978 QUADROPHENIA Frank Roddam Costume Stylist (uncredited)

SHORT FILMS – selected

2009 ANGEL OF HISTORY Ori Gersht Costume Designer
2007 THE SPIRIT & THE LETTER Matthew Buckingham Costume Designer
2001 WASH ‘N’ GO Vito Rocco Costume Designer
1997 THE MAN WHO COULDN’T OPEN DOORS Paul Arden Production Designer
1996 THE CURL Brian Griffin Costume Designer

COMMERCIALS – selected from over 150

2011 STELLA ATOIS CIDRE Joachim Back Cider
2010 TIA MARIA Zoe Cassavetes Liquor
2009 BBC RADIO ONE Sam Brown Radio One ‘As One’
2009 GUINESS Johnny Green Beer
2007 SHELL FERRARI Antoine Bardou Jacquet Costume Designer
2006 JOHNNIE WALKER Michael Geoghegan Costume Designer
2005 FORD Jeff Stark Costume Designer
2004 ELIZABETH ARDEN Michael Haussman Costume Designer

POP PROMOS – selected from over 150

2007 BOB DYLAN Rupert Jones Costume Designer
2006 UPPER ROOM Rupert Jones Costume Designer
2004 KANYE WEST Michael Haussman Costume Designer
2003 STARSAILOR Rupert Jones Costume Designer
2000 ALABAMA 3 Jerome Redfarn Costume Designer
1999 MOGWAI Brian Griffin Costume Designer
1999 WYCLEF & BONO Kevin Godley Production Designer
1999 DRU HILL Nick Quested Costume Designer
1998 DEPECHE MODE Brian Griffin Production Designer

EXHIBITIONS – selected from over 40

2001 SAVAGE PENCIL Chamber of Pop Culture London Designer – Curator
1998 JOE COLEMAN Chamber of Pop Culture London Designer – Curator
1997 MOD Shesido Gallery Tokyo Designer – Curator
1995 PUNKATURE Shesido Gallery Tokyo Designer – Curator
1993 VIVE LE PUNK Chamber of Pop Culture London Designer – Curator

SHOPS – selected

1983 NOSTALGIA OF MUD McLaren Westwood London Shop Designer
1981 WORLDS END McLaren Westwood London Shop Designer


2006 THE LOOK London London Contributor
2003 L’UOMO VOGUE Italy Italy Fashion Editor
2002 PUNK ANTHOLOGY London London Contributor